3 Biggest Hair Myths Busted

Should you wash your hair less and brush it more? Beauty guru Cheryl Kramer Kaye debunks the most common misconceptions

By The LifeMinute Team

May 2, 2017

When it comes to your locks there’s a lot of hairlore out there. We called in beauty authority, Cheryl Kramer Kaye to help us sort out fact from fiction.

Is it bad for your hair to wash it everyday?

“Now the theory behind this is that daily washing is going to strip your hair of it’s moisture, the color, its natural oils, but here’s the thing as we are going into the warmer months we’re more active and we sweat more so the idea of leaving all that dirt and sweat and oil on my scalp and hair is very unappealing. That is why I am here today with Pantene to bust that myth and tell you why washing your hair everyday is a good thing and here is why…earlier this year Pantene launched the biggest breakthrough in shampoo in 30 years. It’s a new formula found in 12 of its shampoos that actually puts back into your hair more than it takes out. Most shampoos just cleanse the surface of your hair but this formula actually penetrates to the core of your hair to deposit lipids and antioxidants that are going to help replenish moisture and prevent future damage so the more you use it the healthier your hair will be.”

Will brushing your hair 100 times make it soft and shiny?

“Well some brushing is good for your hair, it distributes those natural oils and makes it shiny but over brushing can actually just cause more snags and damage and breakage to your hair. So brush enough to detangle and style then put the brush down.”

If you see a gray and pluck it out will two more come back?

“Plucking out a gray hair will not cause two more gray hairs to come back in its place.”