Best Gifts to Give and Receive

There were a few great gifts we shared with our loved ones that we just HAD to run out and get for ourselves. Thanks to Polly Blitzer for the “Gifts for Her Guide” we now follow the one for you, one for me rule.



“Perfecter” Hair

Voluminous curls, mermaid waves, sleek and straight…whatever style you’re looking for there’s now one hair tool that can do it all.

perfecterMaria McCool, creator of the Perfecter stopped by to share tips on how to recreate any red carpet look.

What Lies Beneath

We here at LifeMinute have learned that your undergarments are just as important as your fashion. So before heading out in your hot holiday dress for that festive soiree…make sure to have some reinforcements.

unnamedStyle and fit expert Jenny Altman breaks down what lies beneath.

Holiday Gift Sets

Does it seem like your holiday gift list is getting longer every time you glance at it? Well don’t stress because Melissa Brown, Beauty Editor of Woman’s Day Mag stopped by to share some great gift ideas for anyone on your list. She says just go with a gift set.

holiday-gifts-womens-dayWhich ones you ask…check them out here!

Julie Bowen’s Beauty Secrets

When Julie Bowen arrives for her interview, the Emmy Award-winning actress and face of the beauty brand Neutrogena, best known for her role as Type A SuperMom Claire Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family, looks so glowy and refreshed that we skip our burning questions about her hit TV show and jump right into asking about her beauty secrets.



 Check them out.

Women’s Health Supermarket Stars

Packaged foods line the aisles in every supermarket, and most of them get a bad rap. But Women’s Health knew there were some gems out there so they tasted and tested thousands to find ones that not only are healthy but taste good too.


Sasha de Gersdorff came by to unveil some of their “Supermarket stars” and couldn’t resist snacking on some too!

You CAN Recycle That!

And if Danny Seo from Naturally, Danny Seo mag says so, then we believe him.

seo5Everything from paint cans to Ziploc baggies, check it out!

Safety First When It Comes To Baby

Do you know what’s really in the products that your family uses every day? Lifestyle Expert Nicole Brewer says it’s important to check labels when shopping so that you can avoid dangerous ingredients.

babysafeCheck out these healthy choices  you can feel good about when buying for your kids.

Best of the Best 2014

Who has time to sift through the thousands of beauty products out there? Not us! So we rely on


Research and Content Director, Bryan Barron stopped by to share a few of their “Best of the Best” for 2014 in skincare.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

A survey by Stetson found that men claim to be more chivalrous than women perceive them to be.

ruleofcool1OK! Magazine Style Director Pandora Amoratis explains, “Six out of ten men think they’re chivalrous. Four out of ten women agree with that.” More here!