Oscars 2016 Fashion & Beauty Trends

From white, pastels and dark jewel tones to natural, bold makeup and hair perfectly braided and bunned…we breakdown the night’s top trends and who rocked them.


Loads of Lace
Rooney Mara, Jennifer Lawrence, Priyanka Chopr, Chrissy Teigan

Rooney Mara

Pretty in Pastel
Cate Blanchett, Alicia Vikander, Emily Blunt, Heidi Klum, Daisy Ridley

Cate Blanchett

Hues of Jewels
Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, Brie Larson, Sofia Vergara, Saoirse Ronan

Reese Witherspoon

Washes of White
Olivia Wilde, Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Sky High Slits
Rachel McAdams, Sophie Turner

Rachel McAdamsBEAUTY:

Braids & Buns
Chrissy Teigan, Olivia Wilde, Alicia Vikander, Brie Larson, Rooney Mara, Daisy Ridley

Olivia Wilde

Emerald Eyes
Rachel McAdams, Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan

Natural Beauty
Sophie Turner, Heidi Klum, Margot Robbie, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett

Margot RobbieFor more from the Oscars carpet, check out lifeminute.tv/celebrity!

In the Breakfast Club with Molly Ringwald

We attended a breakfast event in Arizona + Molly Ringwald hosted the event…so…ipso facto we’re now in The Breakfast Club with the 80’s pop princess!

dovemomconferencemollyringwaldWe sat down with her at the 2015 Mom 2.0 Summit where she shared her Dove #BeautyStory and how for her it all stemmed from confidence within. It starts with having a real strong interior life…not just what’s on the outside. So she turned to creativity to get her through her awkward teenage years. And being a mom this is something she tries to pass along to her own children.


Check out the rest of her story here… lifeminute.tv/celebrity/video/molly-ringwald-helps-inspire-women-share-their-beautystory-mom-20-summit

Celebrities Spill their Spring Must-Haves

It’s been a busy start to Spring at our little LifeMinute digs — just 600 square feet of cozy white couch — and it’s been graced by a few of our fave celebs, from Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson to Hollywood’s It Girl Jamie Chung, to the incomparable music man Wyclef Jean, spilling the scoop on what they’ve been up to this season…

Gettin’ “Clefified” with Wyclef Jean


Now — the above is called “Clefified” and that’s just what we all got (Wyclef’s version of a head-band, the physical tribute to his new album Clefication) before sitting down for his interview. We haven’t washed our foreheads in a week — but that’s another story.

The lead single “Divine Sorrow” has been getting some serious play on our iPods since its release last November. The best we could have hoped for were some serious details on his famous collabs…from Whitney Houston to Shakira — well, we got it all, natch — but when he spontaneously broke into an acapella rendition of some old school “Gone Till November…” Well, I was seriously stoked.  The album is in stores this month. It’s a must listen.

Gettin’ Down and Dirty…(well…Clean, actually) with JTF


Next up, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and it was awesome timing. My fab office mate (yes, you know who you are) cannot stop sneezing, so when our new favorite (self-proclaimed) neat freak and Modern Family star JTF — also a fellow allergy sufferer – let us in on his gig with AAFA and Febreze, we were thankful. He came by to share the dirt on…well, dirt…or allergens, to be exact. Turns out most of us are going about our Spring Cleaning the wrong way and stirring things up instead of removing them, so he showed us how to get the job done right. Check it out.

Yay, no more sneezing fits from our cubie roomies.

Jamie Chung’s Spring Must-Haves


That’s right…Jamie Chung stopped by. Now it’s no secret that I love to shop (most of us at LifeMinute do) and we welcome any weather that makes it easier for us to get out and get spending. What’s on our must-have list? Pretty much everything Jamie brought with her to our studio. Spoiler Alert: Jamie loves her Jergens as much as we do. Of course she does, you have to see her skin close up to fully understand.  And that bod — well, she completely inspired me (and the rest of the LifeMinute team!) to start our own Pranamar Resort vacation fund. (Eat, sleep, yoga…YES please!) Her other Spring picks? A-split pencil skirts, and a fruity smoothie recipe you must try:

•1 frozen banana

•2 pitted dates

•handful of kale

•handful of blueberries

•1 scoop vanilla protein powder

•about 1-2 cups almond milk and some ice

Who knew blueberries and kale could live in perfect harmony? Yum! (Click for more)

Sophia bush head shot copy

Next week, we’re on the West Coast with Sophia Bush! Have a question for this beauty? Send it this way (info@lifeminute.tv), and we’ll report back in our next blog post!


Men’s Style Guide for Spring 2015

Clint Carter, Senior Associate Editor at Men’s Health Magazine, stopped by the studio to weigh in on the best options for guys to up their grooming game for Spring.


He also gave us a sneak peek at the latest issue with a shirtless Justin Bieber on the cover. Swoon!

Celebs, They’re Just Like Us

Celebrity Hair Stylist Jill Crosby is about to let you in on a little secret… Thinning hair, color catastrophes, unflattering cuts — celebrities deal with these same hair problems that the rest of us struggle with.


But you wouldn’t know it from the 2015 Academy Awards red carpet, and here’s why: A-listers have Jill to treat their tresses. As for you…check out lifeminute.tv/beauty/video/how-get-hollywood-hair-jill-crosby


Oscars 2015

We can’t all look like movie stars, but we can take a cue from them on the red carpet. Some favorites of the night…Rosamund Pike pulling off a strapless Givenchy, strapless being a trend.


And Margot Robbie rocked the beauty that ruled the carpet…a deep side part with a red lip.

beauty-oscars-3More Oscar Fashion…

More Oscar Beauty…

NY Fashion Week Fall 2015

February 12, 2015  |  BEAUTY, CELEBRITY BUZZ, FASHION  |  Comments Off on NY Fashion Week Fall 2015

The last season to be under the Mercedes Benz title and maybe even the last time at Lincoln Center.


Check out lifeminute.tv/fallfashion2015 to see celebs front row, your favorite designers and of course the fashion and beauty trends that will be hot come next Fall.

Winter Weather Has Nothing On Our Skin Regime

Although we were underwhelmed by this week’s “blizzard” Juno, our skin is still taking a hit from the dry winter weather. Luckily one of our go-to lifestyle experts, Stacy Cox was on set talking tips to remedy the effects of the harsh cold.

StacyCoxShe brought along goodies to do everything from softening and smoothing skin to fighting off the common cold. See exactly what’s in Stacy’s winter survival kit here!

The Duchess of York Dishes to LifeMinute

Fergie is fit and fabulous, as we learned first-hand when we spent a few days with the 55 year-old royal, who recently dropped a jaw-dropping 55 lbs. The Duchess aka Sarah Ferguson, sat down with us to reveal how she slimmed down. We also hit some of New York’s hottest TV shows to share her Duchess Discoveries with the masses.

Sarah Ferguson on Talk Stoop with Host Cat Greenleaf

Sarah Ferguson on Talk Stoop with Host Cat Greenleaf

See what she had to say over at www.lifeminute.tv/celebrity/video/duchess-york-spills-some-secrets.

Best Gifts to Give and Receive

There were a few great gifts we shared with our loved ones that we just HAD to run out and get for ourselves. Thanks to Polly Blitzer for the “Gifts for Her Guide” we now follow the one for you, one for me rule.