JoJo Siwa’s Super Bowl LII Shirt

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We hung out with the young star and NFL Juniors’ Ambassador while she designed her very own Super Bowl LII t-shirt.

Shop it at and see more of our interview with JoJo here.

The Ting Tings Take It To Studio 54

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Another monumental moment for us at LifeMinute! Getting to hang out with Jules and Katie from The Ting Tings for an hour, chatting about Studio 54, dressing like a toddler and how not getting drunk before going on stage is really working out better than they thought.

image3And if you’re asking yourself…who are these people?? Maybe the band name isn’t ringing any bells but their hits, “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go” should definitely resonate. Did I just get you back? Good!

Their new album Super Critical is a different vibe than what we’re used to hearing from this pop-duo…more of an American late 70s, early 80s disco funk thing going on. Something straight out of Studio 54, it’s super fun and addicting.

Also addicting…their delicious British accents…take a listen for yourself and check out the full interview.

My favorite part was when Katie described her personal style as “dressing like a toddler.” Which I guess is true but she pulls it off with ease in a leather romper, lace top, sparkles in her hair, black tights and converse sneakers. LOVE!

Celebrities Spill their Spring Must-Haves

It’s been a busy start to Spring at our little LifeMinute digs — just 600 square feet of cozy white couch — and it’s been graced by a few of our fave celebs, from Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson to Hollywood’s It Girl Jamie Chung, to the incomparable music man Wyclef Jean, spilling the scoop on what they’ve been up to this season…

Gettin’ “Clefified” with Wyclef Jean


Now — the above is called “Clefified” and that’s just what we all got (Wyclef’s version of a head-band, the physical tribute to his new album Clefication) before sitting down for his interview. We haven’t washed our foreheads in a week — but that’s another story.

The lead single “Divine Sorrow” has been getting some serious play on our iPods since its release last November. The best we could have hoped for were some serious details on his famous collabs…from Whitney Houston to Shakira — well, we got it all, natch — but when he spontaneously broke into an acapella rendition of some old school “Gone Till November…” Well, I was seriously stoked.  The album is in stores this month. It’s a must listen.

Gettin’ Down and Dirty…(well…Clean, actually) with JTF


Next up, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and it was awesome timing. My fab office mate (yes, you know who you are) cannot stop sneezing, so when our new favorite (self-proclaimed) neat freak and Modern Family star JTF — also a fellow allergy sufferer – let us in on his gig with AAFA and Febreze, we were thankful. He came by to share the dirt on…well, dirt…or allergens, to be exact. Turns out most of us are going about our Spring Cleaning the wrong way and stirring things up instead of removing them, so he showed us how to get the job done right. Check it out.

Yay, no more sneezing fits from our cubie roomies.

Jamie Chung’s Spring Must-Haves


That’s right…Jamie Chung stopped by. Now it’s no secret that I love to shop (most of us at LifeMinute do) and we welcome any weather that makes it easier for us to get out and get spending. What’s on our must-have list? Pretty much everything Jamie brought with her to our studio. Spoiler Alert: Jamie loves her Jergens as much as we do. Of course she does, you have to see her skin close up to fully understand.  And that bod — well, she completely inspired me (and the rest of the LifeMinute team!) to start our own Pranamar Resort vacation fund. (Eat, sleep, yoga…YES please!) Her other Spring picks? A-split pencil skirts, and a fruity smoothie recipe you must try:

•1 frozen banana

•2 pitted dates

•handful of kale

•handful of blueberries

•1 scoop vanilla protein powder

•about 1-2 cups almond milk and some ice

Who knew blueberries and kale could live in perfect harmony? Yum! (Click for more)

Sophia bush head shot copy

Next week, we’re on the West Coast with Sophia Bush! Have a question for this beauty? Send it this way (, and we’ll report back in our next blog post!


Paul Blart Takes On Las Vegas and 100 Segways to Break World Record

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How many segways does it take to break the Guiness World Record of the largest group 360 spin?? About over 100! And LifeMinute was there to witness the fete at the Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 premiere in NYC.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.45.46 AM


Now Kevin James and myself have a lot in common so I was a bit star struck when he started coming down the carpet on his trusty segway. First, we both hail from Long Island, actually growing up only a few towns over from each other. Second, we both attended college at SUNY Cortland (Go Red Dragons) only I have one up on him here, I actually graduated where as he left to pursue comedy and acting. Maybe he actually has one up on me as he’s the wealthy and famous one here. (Stay in school kids!)

And third…we can both rock a mean mustache…


The film is definitely family friendly and full of laughs. I appreciate a good laugh sometimes, especially after a very busy work week. For more on the film and Kevin James, check out…


Wyclef Jean Is Back

Most known musically for his times with The Fugees, Wyclef Jean is back with a new album that brings out his hip hop/reggae sound we love.


He stopped by LifeMinute to share deets on Clefication and gave an impromptu performance of “Gone Till November.” Check it out!

2015 MTV Movie Awards

Not your everyday award show and we love that because anything goes. Check out a few of our favs and more at


Holland Roden keeps things chic yet sassy in a black and white Catterina Gatta number



Kicking the skirt suit up a notch, Jennifer Lopez stuns in Versace



Shailene Woodley shows off short hair stylish possibilities with a unique braid and mini back bun


Julie Bowen’s Beauty Secrets

When Julie Bowen arrives for her interview, the Emmy Award-winning actress and face of the beauty brand Neutrogena, best known for her role as Type A SuperMom Claire Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family, looks so glowy and refreshed that we skip our burning questions about her hit TV show and jump right into asking about her beauty secrets.



 Check them out.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Keri Russell looked oh so cool, calm and collected as she walked the red carpet at Williamsburg Cinemas in Brooklyn for the premiere of the eighth film in the “Planet of the Apes” franchise.

planetofapes“Preparing… it’s just something you experience, and you either roll with it or you don’t, and luckily I had Andy Serkis who’s kind of magnificent,” says Russell, who turned to her veteran costar for his expertise on dealing with a set of real and fake apes alike.

Check out the rest here!

Getting Techie with Neil Patrick Harris

We caught up with Neil during some down time at his shoot with LG.

lg6He’s teaming up with the brand to support the arts and art students with a new media art competition called “The Art of the Pixel.” Check out more here!

Out in the Rain for Leslie Grace and Gain

Grammy-nominated Leslie Grace joined laundry detergent Gain, and non-profit art group Portraits of Hope to takeover Laundromats in New York City — all to celebrate art, music, culture and make the community just a little bit brighter.

lesliegraceWe were there taking it all in…although the weather could have been a bit dryer, it was still an amazing day.  Check out the transformation, you won’t believe it!