Fun with Phelps

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Olympic champ swimmer, Michael Phelps at the Bronx Boys & Girls Club in New York City

We got to splash around with the Olympic gold medalist, who teamed up with the Anthem Foundation to help at-risk youth establish healthy habits and live an active lifestyle.

See our interview with the swimmer here.


Women’s Health’s Fit Fall Must-Haves

Rachel Nicks, one of the top five finalists for Women’s Health’s “Next Fitness Star” competition, stopped by to share some fitness essentials that’ll help you have your healthiest, happiest, and fittest fall ever!



Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen


EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control Shakes


Nathan Fire & Ice Bottle


Outdoor Tech ORCAS Wireless Earbuds


Nike Studio Wraps

For more healthy tips check out

Sophia Bush Shares Her Smile Secrets

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It’s no secret that actress Sophia Bush from Chicago PD is one of those natural beauties….even People magazine seems to think so and named her one of the World’s Most Beautiful Women in their latest issue. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear she decided to do her photo shoot for the mag WITHOUT MAKEUP!!

image2We heard all about it when she stopped by our west coast studio.  Sophia shared that it’s liberating to not have any makeup on and she actually doesn’t where a lot of makeup in her everyday life. As long as you can rock a bright, white smile…then you’re pretty much always good to go.

Her secret weapon is a Philips Sonicare toothbrush. She got hooked on it years ago when her dentist recommended it and has been obsessed with everything Sonicare ever since. Of course it works!! Just look at those pearly whites.

She also just tried out their Philips Zoom treatment which is only a 45 minute visit to the dentist and when you come out, your teeth are up to eight shades whiter. Just 45 minutes??!! Amazing!

Check out the rest of her beauty and health secrets here…

Winter Weather Has Nothing On Our Skin Regime

Although we were underwhelmed by this week’s “blizzard” Juno, our skin is still taking a hit from the dry winter weather. Luckily one of our go-to lifestyle experts, Stacy Cox was on set talking tips to remedy the effects of the harsh cold.

StacyCoxShe brought along goodies to do everything from softening and smoothing skin to fighting off the common cold. See exactly what’s in Stacy’s winter survival kit here!

A Checkup with Dr. Katz Keeps Our New Year’s Resolutions In Check

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There’s nothing like a visit to your doctor to hold you to that healthy New Year’s resolution. In our case, the doctor’s office was the LifeMinute studio where Dr. Katz was on hand to prescribe tips to stick to those goals to lose weight and get healthy this year.

Dr. KatzSo where do we start? First when you think of calories remember quality over quantity…. the doc says, “If you eat highly nutritious foods, they tend to fill you up and give you valuable fuel of course, as well. But they fill you up and keep you full.”

In tow he had fruits, veggies and our favorite to snack on KIND bars, which really make our calories count, so we don’t have to count calories.

What else? Good fats can be your friend, don’t give up favorite foods: trade up, and don’t go at it alone.

Find more on how to feel fab in 2015 here!

Zumba Craze

Everybody is hooked! Not only are Zumba classes fun, but you’re burning calories and fat at the same time…it’s the ultimate win! So instead of hiding your bod under those big heavy coats and sweaters this Fall/Winter, get yourself a new gym outfit. It will motivate you to continue your workout routine and keep you lookin’ hot all season long.

falloverhaulWell that’s what Jen Ator from Women’s Health Magazine suggests…

Choose Optimal Health

Establishing a healthier lifestyle does not happen over night, but achieving it may be easier than you think. Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, Co-founder and Director of Take Shape for Life stopped by to share how we can create long-term health in our own lives with a few simple steps.

drAFor example, make sure to get your Zzzs! The doc says seven hours is key. Check out more of his tips here!

Give Bulk a Chance

You’ve probably passed by them (us too), time and time again…we’re talking the bulk bins. But with a few tips from our pal Danny Seo, the bulk bin area now might be your favorite place to hit in the supermarket.

dannyseo071414-kobstill001Danny just launched his new mag Naturally and inside it’s full of amazing recipes made from ingredients you can find in the bulk area of Whole Foods Market. Go to for a breakdown.

Disney Makes Brushing Fun Again

Us moms at LifeMinute know all too well the challenges of getting our kids to brush their teeth. But getting them to brush for the recommended 2 minutes by the dentist seems impossible. Megan Meany to the rescue…


She found this amazing app from Oral B that puts your little ones to the test with their Disney Magic Timer App. Basically they have to brush for 2 minutes all while they watch their favorite characters appear before their eyes. It keeps them engaged and gets them to actually brush longer.

For more check out

Garden in Your Cupboard

Another “I wish I thought of that” idea that we’re loving right now are these freeze dried herbs.

UnknownThey can instantly transform a boring meal into something gourmet and delicious. Just as good as fresh, actually even better because you can have these at your beckon call anytime. Just add a little water and they come to life. It’s like having a garden in your cupboard.  For more check out