Chris Hemsworth Named Tourism Australia's Global Brand Ambassador

The country of Australia just got hotter!

From the LifeMinute Team

January 26, 2016

Visiting Australia has never looked better! Native Aussie and Hollywood’s hottest hunk... Chris Hemsworth has just been named Tourism Australia's new Global Ambassador.

Hemsworth was more than happy to present Australia to the world and jumped at the opportunity,  “Come down under and experience what I grew up with, see the coast line and the oceanic experiences that I was lucky enough to be a part of.”

A celebration was held Australian style in New York’s Bryant Park...with the country’s best wine and food. Hemsworth mingled with guests, answered questions and even played games.

As part of the new 40 million dollar campaign, Hemsworth will be featured in the country’s global ads, social videos, and print placements  that focus on Australia’s stunning beaches and coastal experiences.

“There’s nothing like the experiences that we have to offer in Australia. You know diving with dolphins and swimming with the seals, fishing, a game of beach cricket or food and wine and our seafood,” just a few of the great places that Lisa Ronson, Chief Marketing Officer of Tourism Australia shared.

Hemsley recently moved his family back to the homeland… “We were living in L.A. and it was great but we thought if we’re going to raise kids somewhere in the world, we wanted it to be Australia. We couldn’t be more happy that we made that decision, it's the best decision we made.  Walking on the beach the first time, if I’ve been away and jumping in the beach the first time it’s an instant kind of reset for me and all of the worries and all of the stress from work and so on gets instantly washed away.”

If that's not reason enough to check it out and visit…don’t know what is. Check it out and join the convo  #seeaustralia.