Hardcore Rockers Red Fang Join Forces with Fred Armisen

...to make "Blood Like Cream" music video

From the LifeMinute team

Portland rockers’ Red Fang's “post grunge” sound is popping up again on their second album Whales and Leeches.  The guys are currently on tour in Europe, but stopped at Bowery Ballroom to sound off on their latest shenanigans.

“It started as Black Tooth and it went to Dead Tooth, and then it went to Red Tooth and now Red Fang,” says frontman Aaron Beam of their name’s confusing etymology. However they definitely carved out a style for us, “It’s post grunge if you want a tagline,” says Beam.

And they say their latest record deemed by the bands guitarist Bryan Giles “our new little baby” has even more angst. This might be due to the fact they note stress as their biggest inspiration for the album. 

“We were touring so much because of the last album doing much better than we expected to and we cant really write music on the road so we had to make a point of actually turning down a bunch of tours and scheduling studio time so we would force ourselves to write,” says Beam.

Their studio time gave way to “more evil and dark themes,” says Giles “it covers new ground for us.”

The guys however lighten up and show their a sense of humor in the music video for “Blood like Cream” featuring SNL’s funnyman Fred Armisen.

In the video the bandmates are at first unphased by Armisen’s announcement of a zombie takeover until the living dead threaten their beer supply, cuing the moment they had to channel their inner actors. Luckly they had Armisen to look up to. 

“It really shined a light on just how terrible we are at acting because he is so good and he nailed everything,” says Beam, “he just you know improved on every single take. We get progressively worse with each take.”

So when they aren’t hanging out with “hundreds of their friends” dressed like zombies on set what are they up to? “Basically just touring for the rest of 2014 and hopefully getting a lot of song writing between the tours,” says Beam.

For tour dates check out redfang.net.