Incubus’ Brandon Boyd is Back with New Music and Art

The multifaceted artist’s fresh new pop sound on Sons of the Sea and third book So the Echo

From the LifeMInute team

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd is back with a new book and music project. The rocker turned Renaissance man chatted about his most recent musical collaboration and his collection of artwork in his third publication at its signing in New York City.

With all Boyd’s recent artistic endeavors it's no surprise that he admits to being “a little busy lately.”
On his plate a new music collaboration, Sons of the Sea and a third book, So the Echo.
The new book, “Is a compilation of the past four or five years of drawings, sketches, paintings, watercolor and ink, photography, some poetry and  some sort of observational writings from traveling.” said Boyd
He admits that for the third time around he gave his paper works a “little bit more of a flow.”
“The first two [books] are fun and I think they are cool but they are more scatterbrained. This one has a table of contents,” says the artist.
As for his music project Sons of the Sea he says it “definitely has more of a pop bent.”
“It has a little bit more of an accessible thing than perhaps some of the Incubus stuff,” says Boyd, “I’m hoping it’s distinct enough that it will one day perhaps have its own identity…. I am in the process right now of inviting people to try and see it as something that’s sort of separate.”
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