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Bring the Freshness Inside

We love being outside just as much as the next person, but when it’s hot and humid, we rather stay in. So we found a great pick me up to bring the freshness of the outdoors, inside.

bounceThe beads of concentrated perfume go right into your washing machine and emit an amazing fragrance onto your favorite fabrics. Sprinkle as much or as little as you want to get your towels, socks and shoes smelling just as fresh as if you were outside.

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Garden in Your Cupboard

Another “I wish I thought of that” idea that we’re loving right now are these freeze dried herbs.

UnknownThey can instantly transform a boring meal into something gourmet and delicious. Just as good as fresh, actually even better because you can have these at your beckon call anytime. Just add a little water and they come to life. It’s like having a garden in your cupboard.  For more check out

Time to Celebrate Mom

A few fresh ideas to show mom how much you care!

mothersdaySHAPE1. GUESS Girl Belle – It has a fruity scent, floral tones and top notes of berries and pink champagne, all in a super cute flower-shaped bottle.

2. Beyoncé’s Rise – An elegant fragrance of orchid, notes of Italian bergamot, golden apricot and iced basil sorbet.

3. love 2 love – A line of fragrances that combines a duo of ingredients such as fresh rose and peach to jasmine and sparkling mimosa.

4. Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Collection – Seven benefits from shiny color to top coat, base coat and strengthener.

5. NYC Expert Last Lipstick Collection – Lasts up to six hours and has a touch of silk to go on smooth.  No sticky feel.

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It’s Allergy Season

And we are not happy about it over here at LifeMinute! The constant stuffy nose combined with itchy watery eyes just does not pair well with the fresh spring face we’re all trying to don. But thanks to Bahar Takhtehchian, from SHAPE, we’ve got some relief.

bahar1She gets through the season armed with a few allergy fighters like Nasacort, Allegra and Visine A. For more on these and other tips to surviving the season, check out

Shape Magazine’s Fixings for a Holiday Fiesta

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Shape magazine’s Bahar Takhtehchian let us in on some great tips for our next holiday gathering. Check out Bahar’s tasty AND healthy food picks and her one stop place for party essentials.-6

First she says to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond for everything you need to decorate and dish out the perfect party. Just look at that display!


We also loved Nabisco’s new Rice Thins that Bahar brought along.


Her tip for shaking up that salad? Opa from Litehouse, the first Greek inspired dressings out there!


And after serving guest up some Greek give them some gelato… we can’t wait to top off our fave holiday dessert with Talenti!


Get all Bahar’s tips here

Breakfast of Champions!

Here at LifeMinute, it’s never too early for ice cream and we definitely proved that true this morning during our shoot with SHAPE magazine.


As editor-at-large, Bahar Takhtehchian dished on summer grill and entertaining ideas, we just couldn’t wait to try out her pick for dessert, Blue Bunny ice cream. So at 9:30 am we chowed down on some of their ice cream sandwiches which now have 30% more of vanilla goodness in the middle.