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Disney Makes Brushing Fun Again

Us moms at LifeMinute know all too well the challenges of getting our kids to brush their teeth. But getting them to brush for the recommended 2 minutes by the dentist seems impossible. Megan Meany to the rescue…


She found this amazing app from Oral B that puts your little ones to the test with their Disney Magic Timer App. Basically they have to brush for 2 minutes all while they watch their favorite characters appear before their eyes. It keeps them engaged and gets them to actually brush longer.

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Breakfast in Bed, Whole Trade Style

In our search to find a unique experience to gift mom this Mother’s Day, our good friend Elaine D’Farley reminded us about the gesture of breakfast in bed.


It was genius! What mom wouldn’t want to wake up to a delicious omelet, fruit salad, tea, coffee and of course  flowers on the side. But the best part about this breakfast is that the ingredients are all Whole Trade from Whole Foods Market. So we feel good about taking care of mom on her special day and at the same time also taking care of farm workers and their families in other countries too.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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Repair, Refresh, Revive from Morning to Night

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From morning to night, you want to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best. So we caught up with Stacy Cox who shared a few beauty finds that take her from A.M to P.M. and keep her feeling fab!

ampm1. For a fresh-feeling mouth 24/7, start packing more power in your toothbrush with the Oral-B Deep Sweep Power Brush from the number one dentist-recommended toothbrush gurus at Oral-B.

2. Girls and guys alike can wake up their skin by minimizing the appearance of pore size with L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Pore Vanisher, works both instantly and over time to attack pores on three levels — size, depth and number.

3. The first and only scar cream formulated to work at night, MedermaPM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream,

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Everyday Gifts for Mom

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to celebrate that special woman in your life you call “Mom.” So here are a few of SELF magazine’s picks for making mom feel special everyday…and not just one day a year.

SELF_mom1. Reach Complete Care Line, so Mom won’t have to worry about when to replace her brush.

2. Tide, Downy and Bounce: the Sweet Dreams Collection, It’s perfect for all of Mom’s bedtime fabrics, from linens to PJs.

3. America’s #1-selling multi-use skincare oil Bio-Oil – great for Mom’s hair, lips, hands, nails and more.

4. Roc Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream – So you can improve Mom’s bedtime beauty routine.

Rainbow of Smiles Stocking Stuffer

A few of us on the LM Team are moms and it’s hilarious to hear the stories about trying to get the little ones to brush their teeth. We’ve tried it all from cute charactered brushes to bribing with candy (defeats the purpose of brushing, but hey, we’re trying) and most of us are still having a hard time.


But we may have found a solution…G-U-M Crayola toothpaste for kids comes in 3 different squeezable flavors that will make your kid actually want to brush his teeth. Perfect stocking stuffer too.

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Gifts for the Whole Family

We’ve known Megan Meany for a while now…before she was a mom and before her traffic days at NBC 4 NY. She stopped by to say hi and give us her picks for the season’s hottest gifts…something for everyone in the family.


Megan says a gift set of pampering is always a great option and L’occitane brings out the big guns each holiday season with their boxed sets. And don’t even worry about wrapping, the box is beautiful just the way it is.

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