End of Summer Healthy Travel Tips to Jumpstart Your Fall Fitness

Jumpstart Your Fall Fitness

From the LifeMInute team

Summer is perpetual vacation....a fabulous break from our real lives—however many times our relaxed “vacation attitude” can elicit a less than stellar impact on our waistlines. We need to break away from our bad warm weather habits before they carry into fall. In particular, I am constantly asked about healthy eating tips for travel days when it's difficult to stop and sit down for a well- balanced meal.

Now this isn’t the 90’s. Travel ports have expanded their food selection to more than just the typical fast food chains and mini- marts. No excuses—I’ve seen the organic market at JFK so please don't return with a big mac.

So here are my tips for staying satiated without compromising your usual eating routine when on-the-go:

Brown-bag it: Plan ahead and pack a bag with portable food items the night before leaving for a trip. Portion out single servings of healthy snacks such as nuts, whole- wheat pretzels, cereal bars so you avoid going for the chips or chocolate bars at the rest stop. Throw in a few extra items to share with your travel buddies or save for the return trip home. It is better to have a little extra than feel hungry and deprived for a long car or plane ride.

Think before you leave: It is important to think ahead and make sure to eat a proper, substantial meal before heading out the door. If you are scheduled to leave in the morning, set your alarm a few minutes earlier to make time for a protein-rich breakfast such as a yogurt with fruit or a few hardboiled eggs. This is beneficial in starting up your metabolism and getting the body on a schedule. You will also be less inclined to make poor choices later if you feel full and satisfied.

Steer clear of the Golden Arches: Just say no. Yes, I understand that it’s tempting to peek into fast food chains when traveling, however the story never ends well. Before you know it, you’re knee-deep in curly fries. There are plenty of other places to grab a turkey sandwich, yogurt parfait or salad that doesn't involve combo meal platters. So don’t even tempt yourself by walking by and planning to order a salad. It will not go well.

Speak up: We’ve all traveled with the crew that refuses to stop for meals. To each his own, but that situation doesn't work for most people. If you are on a long car trip, it's definitely okay to speak up and ask to stop for food and a leg- stretch. The world won’t come to an end. If you wait too long you will become irritable and light-headed, so it's important to recognize your hunger cues and request that the driver pull over at the next rest area.

Travel days are not always the easiest, but these tips will help guide you when on –the- go. And remember—don’t beat yourself up if you make a few unhealthy choices.  Starting up your set routine the next day will get you right back on track.  


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