Bon Bini!  Discover the Allure of Aruba

the Allure of Aruba

By Jenna Muller

It was a warm, windy evening as the red-amber sun set over the ocean. I breathe in the salty air and take a mental picture of Aruba's pristine beaches and divi-diviTrattoria El Faro Blanco, a restaurant situated atop a cliff peering over the 19.6 mile island.

According to the Aruba Tourism Board, the name Aruba comes from ancient gold miners meaning "red gold"("ore" for gold + "ruba" for red). Most Arubans speak Dutch, English and Spanish, and the local language is Papiamento (which is also an amazing restaurant!) The people are genuinely nice and happy, so much so that their license plates call it "one happy island." 

Rent a scooter to take in the sights or swim in the natural pool. Then hit the jewelry shops and luxe boutiques in downtown Oranjestad. After a long beach day, don't forget to pickup Aruba's first source of wealth- aloe.

Whether you're a beach bum like me, or an avid windsurfer or diver, the colorful island of Aruba will not disappoint.

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