Pet Sematary Remake Opens 30 Years After Original

The Stephen King thriller gets a chilling new take


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


April 4, 2019


Pet Sematary returns to the big screen in a remake which marks 30 years since the original was released. Jason Clarke, John Lithgow , Amy Seimetz and Jeté Laurence star in the latest version of the film based on the 1983 Stephen King novel.


The horror film follows the story of Dr. Louis Creed (Clarke) who moves his wife (Seimetz) and two young children from Boston to rural Maine. They meet neighbor Jud Crandall (Lithgow) who tells them of town folklore surrounding a pet “sematary” and Indian burial ground in the woods by their house. The latter soon becomes the origin of many horrifying events.


The reboot adds modern day technology, effects and a slightly different plot to give this chilling classic a fresh take. See it in theaters April 5th.

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