NYFW Spring 2017 Trends

The season’s top trends according to the denizens of the front row

By The LifeMinute Team

September 15, 2016

Within the first few days of the Spring 2017 season, overarching themes emerged (think bold, bright colors, stripes, florals and sailor-inspiration), as noted by some of fashions’ luminaries:

-“You know what’s sticking out is an overwhelming femininity to the clothes. We are still seeing a lot of flowers, we’re still seeing a lot of color,” Nina Garcia, Creative Director, Marie Claire.

-“There was a lot of yellow for the first few days. There are a lot of springy colors. It’s not all about muted earth tones. You’re going to want something long and filmy. We’ve seen a lot of skirts with different length levels.

There is a lot of stuff that’s just for lack of a better word is pretty. And that sounds like the most obvious thing but as any fashion editor who has seen season after season of shows will tell you that you often sit in this front row and think that there’s nothing that would qualify as pretty and that is not true this season. There have been so many sweet details,” Cindi Leive, Editor-In-Chief, Glamour.

-“We are seeing flashes of purple. Still a lot of off-the-shoulder which is surprising considering how strong that trend was the last season.

Hair and makeup has been very natural. I feel like New York is more of a natural city just because it’s much more ready to wear and it’s much more day to day. I am such a huge nail buff. I love looking at the manicures,” Eva Chen, Fashion Director, Instagram.

-“Volume has been a definite trend. Slip dresses also give this sense of lingerie,” Nicole Phelps, Director Vogue Runway.

-“We’ve been seeing a lot of neutrals here and not necessarily nudes.

They stay in the same category of being neutrals but yet the designers have been playing with color in a different way. We’ve seen an array of nine different colors at one show. Or doing metallic chrome look and then also using glitters.

With the mixed materials and textures you don’t want to go too over the top with the nails. Just that little bit of glitter is the perfect accent,” Morgan Haile & Taylor Daniel, Morgan Taylor Brand Namesakes.