Debbie Gibson

Celebs Dish on Their Favorite Dishes

From roasted veggies to “Death By Chocolate” to insatiable curry cravings, stars have their favorites dishes just like us!
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore, Nathan Lane and Martha Stewart Help the ASPCA Celebrate 150 Years Of Service To Animals

Drew Barrymore, Nathan Lane and Martha Stewart helped celebrate the ASPCA's annual Bergh Ball, celebrating the philanthropy's 150 years of service. 

Electrogram, Vinyl Theater

Behind The Band: Vinyl Theatre

The Milwaukee-based band, who cite The Killers' Hot Fuss as their biggest inspiration, debut their eight-song album Electrogram.


Behind The Band: Kaleo

When one of your first songs ever impresses Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese enough to use it in a trailer for their new show, people sit up and take notice. Welcome to Kaleo's time in the spotlight.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes' Directorial Debut: All We Had

A mother, daughter love story takes center stage in this story of resilience, trust and surviving disappointment in Katie Holmes'' directorial debut All We Had

Charlize Theron

2016 MTV Movie Awards

What makes the MTV Movie Awards like no other award show? Outrageous surprises, epic performances and awards for movies you've actually watched. This year’s show, the first Movie Awards to be held outdoors did not disappoint.
Debbie Gibson
Drew Barrymore
Electrogram, Vinyl Theater
Katie Holmes
Charlize Theron
Men's Style Guide
These unexpected grooming tips and products will put some spring into your step!
Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund and Levi Miller share their thoughts on updating the familiar swashbuckling tale.
Kristin Chenoweth, JCPenney
The star teams up with JCPenney to launch their “Get Your Penney’s Worth” campaign
OneTouch Verio Flex
Living with diabetes? Live a healthy, active life with up-to-the-second technology and tips
Whole Trade Blooms from Whole Foods Market
This Mother's Day think outside the box and get your mom a gift she'll remember all year long
Redfoo’s (son of Motown’s Berry Gordy and half of LMFAO) new album “Party Rock Mansion” will get you on your feet
Year-round prevention can help save your dog or cat from parasites that cause fatal diseases
Tostitos Rolls
Tortilla chips, salsa and queso to keep the party hot

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