Jessie Bearden Serves up Some Serious Food Art at KBIS

...and shows us you don't have to be an artistic culinary star to get creative in the kitchen

By The LifeMinute Team

January 11, 2017

Cooking can be an art form. Want to channel your inner chef? We caught up with artistic culinary star Jessie Bearden at KBIS, the mecca of what's new in the world of kitchen design where she served up some serious food art at Signature Kitchen Suite.

"Being able to be specific about what you're doing and having technology that allows you to work so precisely in your cooking and for me and my art it really helps to make the finish product like as good as it can be so I worked with their team and their technology and we kind of talked about what they're devices an do and how we can bring that to life through food and so I tried to pick really colorful fruits and vegetables and at the end when it all comes together and you step back the full picture comes to life," says Bearden.

Well so maybe you're not going to create a masterpiece like this but you can get pretty creative with this baby.

"Of course it all starts with cooking, because from a cooking perspective the kitchen is the heart of the home and I guess the cooking would be the heartbeat if you will," says Zach Elkin, Signature Kitchen Suite, General Manager, "So it really starts with how that person likes to cook, they like to cook with gas, they like to cook with electric, they like to cook with induction. With Signature Kitchen Suite we can accommodate any of those preferences with our product line."

From Wi-Fi enabled appliances and faster heating stovetops to preeminent convention baking and more intelligently designed refrigerators all designed to deliver top of the line cooking innovations with sleek modern design. You can even control this from your mobile device.

"All of our products are connected. You say well why do I need a connected appliance. It's kind of nice to be able to be in the family room, watching the ball game and when the timer goes off on the range and you're in the basement and you can't hear it, it doesn't matter because you have your phone there," says Elkin.

Other must-haves for the serious home chef?

"Having the right tools is everything and creating the final product," says Bearden "So like having the right kitchen equipment for me it's like having the right knife just being able to have that sharp point and get the most meticulous cuts I can because when it comes to this sort of thing like every centimeter sort of ends up to the end product."

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