Mario Lopez's Secrets to Looking So Good

The Hollywood hottie and now father of two shares his health, fitness and fashion tips

From the LifeMInute team

November 13, 2013

This holiday season Mario Lopez will once again be heating up the X Factor, not to mention Extra...AND his own syndicated radio show. So how does the busy dad of two do it all while looking so good?

Mario might seem cool and collected on TV but he admits he stresses too. How does the pressure effect him? "Hair thinning," says Lopez "it runs in my family and happens to be the way my body reacts when I stress out."

Mario turns to Nioxin to get a handle on it, "it totally worked and I wanted to tell guys it could work for them too." And listen up ladies it's not just for men. Check out more info at

And guys if you're looking for a hot item this holiday season.... Mario says "jeans are making a big come back specifically jeans that come in different colors."

Mario says, dress up black or grey jeans or try out a color. "I think that is a good investment for the fellas this fall."

And to look good in those jeans invest in breaking a sweat everyday. Mario says pick a routine that doesn't just get you moving but something fun you can stick to.

When it comes to eating Mario suggests getting your plate in check. It should have the right healthy balance of protein, fats and carbs. "Eat frequently throughout the day and practice portion control," he says.

As for his personal life he couldn't be happier. "I recently had my second child and feel so blessed and makes me want to work that much harder."

And although he admits the hours are more jammed packed and intense now being a father of two... coming home to his family everyday makes it all worth it.

You can catch Mario on Fox's X Factor, Extra or on his nationally syndicated radio show


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