Protect Against a Cyber Attack

Is your company properly secured against a cyber breach?

February 9, 2017

From the LifeMinute team

A study by cyber security experts, BAE systems finds a shocking disconnect between how employees within their own company view the subject … including who in the company is responsible in the event of a breach.

Colin McKinty of BAE systems says, "The board members and the IT team, the biggest disconnect was in regards to who’s responsible."

There’s also a disconnect on how much a cyber attack would cost their company. Colin esplained, "When we spoke to the board they responded basically saying that it was around 6 million dollars but when we spoke to the it team, they estimated that 27 million dollars, that’s a huge disconnect... that’s a difference of 20 million dollars.

One view both set of executives seems to share is their belief that they’d be subject to a cyber attack in the next 12 months. Breaches are on the increase and they’re regularly making headline news, BAE's findings make it clear that boardrooms and IT teams recognize the risks, but need to concentrate on better communication to build a robust defense against this growing threat.


Having a well tested plan in place is absolutely key, so if there is a data breach you who does what and when, and will be better off.

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