Rob Lowe Joins Crest to Launch The Crest Healthier Smiles Project in NYC

The actor helps the nationwide education program and Feeding America donate toothpaste to kids who need it most

By The LifeMinute Team

September 26, 2016

Actor Rob Lowe and his famous smile joined Crest to launch the Crest Healthier Smiles Project in New York City. The dad of two boys, the son of a schoolteacher and a Crest user for years, Lowe said he was happy to participate.

"Well I'm really proud to be a Crest ambassador to help them launch the Crest Healthier Smiles Project," says the actor, "I just finished raising two boys... now I'm raising two men and I know how important oral care is and really more than anything."

He was shocked to learn that kids with poor oral health are over three times more likely to miss school. Now Crest is doing something about the issue by donating hundreds of thousands tubes of toothpaste to Feeding America's School Pantry Program throughout the school year beginning this month. How can you get involved?

"Just take a picture of your smile and give us your selfie, upload it to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #healthiersmilesproject and for every photo uploaded by October 31st Crest is going to donate five tubes of toothpaste to Feeding America," says Lowe.

A recent empty nester he also shed light on what it's done for his marriage of more than 25 years.

"What's been great about it, is that I like look over at my wife, it's just the two of us now and I go 'I remember you...I really liked you. We use the same music and we would go out together... You're great.' know because you know for 20 years it becomes all about them and now it's starting to be all about us like it was in the beginning and it's, it's great," he says.

And finally his secrets for staying so fit and fab?

Lowe says, "It's about your spirit more than anything at the end of the day and it's about being interested, connected, non-judgmental, enthusiastic, ambitious, holding onto that is way more important than maintaining a 34 inch waist."

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