Safe Summer Driving Tips (The 100 Deadliest Days On The Road)

Drivers will log 3 trillion miles a year this summer...Michelin tires and AAA give tips on how to avoid becoming a statistic

By The LifeMinute Team

May 26, 2017

AAA gets 7 million calls during the average summer, with the top 3 items being flat tires, dead batteries and lockouts. With some simple precautions you can avoid being a victim on the side of the road.

Tire Safety
This is a crucial step according to Michelin expert Sarah Robinson. “You want to make sure the tread has an adequate depth to avoid hydroplaning.” Try the penny test: Check your tread depth with a penny, keeping Lincoln’s head down. If you can see any of his hair, the tire needs to be replaced.

Also do a visual once-over to make sure there aren’t any bulges or cuts.
“Finally, check your inflation pressure, which is just as important to the performance and safety of the tire,” says Robinson. “Too, make sure that once a month or before you hit the road you’ve checked to make sure you’re inflated to the vehicle recommendation of the manufacturer. Find that number on the door placard or the owner’s manual.”

For added safety, stick to the basics:
-Don’t drink and drive
-Make sure you wear your seatbelt in the front and back seats. 
-Avoid distractions
-Driving is not downtime; it needs 100% of your attention.
-Always have a safety kit on hand.
-Inspect your vehicle.

Go to for tire tips and check out about safety, particularly information for seniors and teens.