Top DIY Home Makeover Strategies


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Top DIY Home Makeover Strategies
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Refresh Your Living Space In Three Simple Steps

By The LifeMinute Team
September 26, 2017

Home improvement expert Brian Kelsey’s three creative upgrades:

Bathroom – No need for an overall bathroom renovation. Instead, upgrade your shower head with the Moen Propel Series. “It has lots of power and helps the environment with a revolutionary pause button to help save water,” he says.

Kitchen - Upgrade your countertops to Dekton material—a compressed glass, porcelain and quartz, it can withstand high heat, discoloration and comes in 39 varieties.

Ceilings and Outdoor Spaces – There’s no better accessory than a stylish ceiling fan like ones from Hunter. Added bonus: It circulates air to cool the room in the summer and warm it in the winter.