Top Pediatrics Dermatologist’s Must-Know Tips to Protect Baby’s Skin

Why 9 out of 10 dermatologists say it’s important to wash baby’s clothes with gentle detergent before wear…

By The LifeMinute Team

May 24, 2017

Today’s new and expectant parents are making careful choices when it comes to their little ones, especially items that touch their baby’s skin. One of America’s top pediatric dermatologists and mother of five, Dr. Jody Levine says follow these simple tips.

Baths: Use baby specific cleansers and tear-free shampoo. Avoid long baths water that is too hot, it should be luke warm. Moisturize after bath with cream that contains ceramides or with an ointment.

Laundry: Pick fabrics without pleats or seams  that are gentle and absorbent such as cotton or cotton blend. It’s also a good idea to pre-wash clothes prior to wear as well as towels and bedding. Also baby’s clothes should be washed in a separate load from the rest of the family’s with a gentle baby detergent such as the #1 pediatrician recommended brand Purtouch. It's 65% plant- based and made from naturally-derived ingredients.

Sunscreen: Infants, especially under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight and covered by protective clothing. Sunscreen is recommended for infants older than 6 months of age. Choose a broad-spectrum physical blocker, SPF 30 or higher and spread evenly over uncovered skin including ears and lips, but avoiding eyelids.

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