gnash Explains the Feeling Fueled Inspirations Behind His Songs that Prove to Resonate with Listeners

The “i hate u, i love u” singer only wants fans to take away the love from his heart-felt music

By The LifeMinute Team

April 19, 2017

We sat down with the rising West Coast pop artist, to talk the motivation behind the music, in the room where he took his first meeting ever with label Atlantic Records.

gnash born Garrett Charles Nash’s pursuit of a career in music started young he said, “I wanted to be in entertainment my whole life. Never really called myself a producer but I was DJing a whole bunch. I started DJing when I was 13.”

The DJ turned singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer explains how he plucks his lyrics right out of his real life experiences, “I was going through this breakup and I had the idea to do these three EPs called u, me and us and I wanted to document the journey through this breakup and finding myself and then finding something get me through it and for the next person to hear it and feel better.”

People did hear the track when it hit the airwaves, he says,  “i hate you, i love you it’s like happy, sad. You know it’s just two feelings that everyone has.  I think it’s just easy to connect with.”

Where does his instinct to express himself come from? “My dad told me if I had feelings, all I had to do was talk about them and not get mad or upset or bummed or whatever so I would just always go home and home was always a place to heal so anytime a feeling sticks around long enough it makes it through time in my life then I try to put it in word form and make a song about it,” he says.

One of his latest songs “home” is another personal track. “home (featuring johnny yukon) is a song I wrote because my family was going through losing our house. You know my family is great and I love them very much and they’ve been a support system for me my whole life so I wanted to make a song that was kind of dedicated to them,” says the artist. 

And there is more where that came from, the busy lyricist explains, “This year we put a new song out every three weeks and it’s killing it for us. The shows are great everybody knows all the words so the number one thing is just keep putting music out because its all about the music. That’s what it’s all about, what you’re saying in those songs, what it means to people, that’s what they will carry with them forever.”

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