Singer and Songwriter Angelica Garcia Shares Her Inspiration for Her “Ghostly Gorgeous” Album Medicine For Birds

The seventeen-year-old created her album Medicine For Birds on a MacBook accompanied only by a piano and guitar

By The LifeMinute Team

May 25, 2017

Angelica Garcia dropped her debut album Medicine For Birds in 2016 after moving to an isolated, gothic brick home in rural Virginia. The result is childlike, quirky and dynamic.

A Spooky Sound

“My family grew up singing mariachi music and more often than not I would be thrown in there to sing the harmony,” says Garcia, who graduated from the Los Angeles School of the Arts. “Now my sound is a bluesish, popish rock I like to describe as kind of spooky,” she says.

Historical Influences

Medicine For Birds is influenced by where I was living at the time the Eastern shore of Virginia. It’s a very remote area that oddly enough has so much history that is just seeping in the ground.”

Scary Single

“One of my favorite songs is called "The Devil Can Get In". I bought a thrift store record called Disneyland Haunted House Sound Effects and told my producer I wanted the new album to sound like a haunted house.”

Turning Day Into Night

“Where I live now in Richmond there are so many amazing bands so I have been spending time going to this person’s show, that person’s studios…the nights blur into the mornings and the weekend becomes the weekday and you don’t know what the heck you’re doing but it’s amazing because it’s all fuel for the next songs you will write.”