Quick Fixes for a Tired New Mommy


By: Tia Williams

Tia Williams shares her biggest beauty secrets!

As a beauty blogger, ex-beauty editor, and incredibly vain hair-and-makeup junkie, I never thought I'd need to “make time for primping. But, lo, I had a baby girl in November, and discovered that I barely had a minute to shower, let alone operate an eyelash curler. Devoted as I am to all things beauty, though, I've figured out how to maximize my look on a minimum amount of time. Here are my top three tired mommy tips for looking fabulous!

Tip #1: Focus on a Feature

Save time by playing up your best feature. Do you have huge, expressive eyes? Swipe on a flattering neutral shadow and a volumizing mascara. If lips are your thing, skip the shadow and go for a show-stopping gloss. Amazing cheekbones? Take a second to apply a sexy cheek stain.

Tip #2: Concealer is your Friend

Who has the time to apply a full face of foundation? Invest in a creamy, yellow-based concealer, instead. Dotted under the eyes and over any problem areas, a great concealer instantly gives you a finishedlook. Plus, you can use your fingers to blend super easy!

Tip #3: Bronzer, Bronzer, Bronzer

Bronzer wakes up tired, wan skin in seconds. The trick is to find a powder formula that's up to two shades darker than your natural skintone (anything deeper and it'll look muddy and artificial). Use a fluffy brush to dust it along your cheekbones, nose bridge and chin wherever the sun naturally hits your face.

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