Kat Graham on Style, Self-Acceptance and How to Pick the Perfect Shades

The actress who has her own collection with Foster Grant shared sunglass styles from their latest 90th anniversary capsule collection

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Top Three Beauty Picks for Summer

Our top skin, hair and nail must -haves

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Ed Sheeran Reflects on Yesterday, Working with Himesh Patel and The Beatles

The singer-songwriter reveals what he initially thought of his costar and how The Beatles have influenced him and other artists

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Justin Timberlake and Halsey Honored at Songwriters Hall of Fame

Timberlake takes home the Contemporary Icon Award, while Halsey is honored with the Hal David Starlight Award

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A LifeMinute with Billy Porter

The Pose star drops style and grooming advice

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Pet Safety Tips

Precautions to keep your animals safe and at ease during the loud holiday festivities this summer

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National Ice Cream Day Gets Sweeter for Sensitive Teeth Sufferers

Don’t let pain from your sensitive teeth prevent you from enjoying the holiday

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Health Benefits of Sweet Cherries

Research shows they do everything from reducing risk of diabetes to improving sleep

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