Summer Thriller "Old" Premieres in NYC

Writer/Director/Producer M. Night Shyamalan and the cast reflect on making the mysterious movie

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4 Must-Listens This Week

The latest from David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Leon Bridges, and Descendents 


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British Fashion Designer/Musician Keanan Duffty on Working with David Bowie, Punk Fashion, and His New Music

His latest 10-track record released earlier this year features influential names in music

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Homemade Face Masks, Facials and Scrubs

Looking for a spa treatment for your face? Look no further than your kitchen for ingredients to make your own

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Joel McHale Talks Latest Projects and Finding Time for Family

We caught up with the busy guy to talk about his latest projects, finding time for family and his Fourth of July plans

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The Top Emojis and What Your Favorite Says about You

Could the emoji you use most often give clues into your personality? See what yours says!

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Become a Burpee Fitness Warrior

If you are looking to step up your workout and scorch those cals, then you better add this move to your fitness repertoire. The burpee can blast away up to 12 calories per minute. The calisthenic movement engages the whole body using its full weight and activating the fat-burning zone. Here is how to do one to see results!

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Must-Knows about Mangos

Everything you need to know about the exotic fruit

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Fun Facts about Pennsylvania

Things to know about the Keystone State, where to go and what to see, and the biggest stars from the state 

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