Tuesday, Oct 12 2021
If it appears like there's a resurgence of all things the '90s right now, you are seemingly right. Generation X is getting their time back in the …more
Monday, Oct 11 2021
There is a buzz of huge anticipation right now surrounding 15-time Grammy winner Adele. The 33-year-old British songstress has taken to social media …more
Wednesday, Sep 29 2021
In honor of National One-Hit Wonder Dayheld annually onSeptember 25th, we at LifeMinutehave compiled our picks of the most memorable songs by …more
Friday, Sep 24 2021
They're a band's band; favored by Blondie, The Strokes, and Lana Del Ray. Brooklyn-based Surfbort has been making big waves in and out of the music …more
Friday, Sep 17 2021
Tony-nominated actor and singer Constantine Maroulis and pop singer-songwriter Kendra Erika released a new single together, 'As Long As You're Mine,' …more
Tuesday, Sep 14 2021
Formed in London in 1971,legendary rockersFoghat have stayed true to their iconic bluesy rock sound heard in hits 'Slow Ride' and 'I Just Want To Make …more
Friday, Sep 10 2021
The legendary Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford just turned 70 and looks amazing. He attributes good genes and a good outlook on life. We were …more
Tuesday, Aug 31 2021
Fresh out of the shower, red Solo cup in hand, just moments before he has to hit the stage, Frontman and 90s Generation-Xicon of sorts, Dave Pirner …more
Thursday, Aug 26 2021
Neo-outlaw country singer Sturgill Simpson is back with his latest album, The Ballad of Dood & Juanita , on High Top Mountain Records, Simpson's own …more
Wednesday, Aug 25 2021
With two albums under his belt, and a third on the way, Dez Money explores new genres with the new single 'Give Me All You Got' and it's catchy and …more
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