4 Steps to the Perfect Defined Eyebrow

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Defined eyebrow
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Makeup Artist, Mark Carrasquillo breaks down the brow look backstage NYFW

Want an eye-raising accessory? Makeup Artist, Mark Carrasquillo pulled out all his tricks to sculpt the perfect brow at New York Fashion Week. We asked him to break it down so you can steal the look for yourself.

1. Hit All the Points

“We are really doing where the eyebrow should begin, where the arch is, and where it ends”

2. Go Darker

“We just made it darker than her real hair because I wanted the eyebrow to be the statement piece of the face.”

3. Exaggerate the Arch

“Its definitely drawn on and more arched than a normal eyebrow”

4. Keep other Makeup Simple

“We are trying to mimic skin, so there’s no highlighters, there’s no glittery powders, everything is skin texture…we killed the veins on the top of the lid with a little bit of creamy concealer that matched the girl’s lid color and it’s all skin tone and the lip is left her own natural lip color.”