Acne Awareness

New study finds acne is affecting mental health. Here’s how to get the skin help you need

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 8, 2022

We share how to put your best face forward by utilizing a unique, customized approach to clearing acne just in time for Acne Awareness Month. And we’ll reveal the results conducted to understand the impact acne has on the lives and mental health of those who experience it.

Skincare brand Face Reality just completed a national survey to better understand the impact of those who experience acne. While we’ve long known that acne significantly impacts mental health, we now know the negative impact of COVID on those with acne has, unfortunately, been like a multiplier. The study found that 85% of people said acne has a very negative impact on their self-confidence. 91% said their acne has made them feel more anxious.

For teenagers who experience acne, the impact has been even more severe. More than half of teenagers, and those in their 20s, have been bullied because of their acne. 7/10 have skipped school or social outings because of their acne. 

It also impacts work life. Workers believe that acne is negatively affecting their career, with more than 4/10 reporting that acne affected their work performance. Of job seekers, 3/10 reported acne put them at a disadvantage during their job search. Unfortunately, acne’s effect on mental health is very prevalent in the workplace.

What really caught our eye was that people experiencing acne aren’t sure where to get help. 6/10 in their 30s said they’ve spent 10+ years trying to clear their acne. But less than 1/10 felt confident about where to get help. Respondents are frustrated with the most popular over-the-counter brands found in retail locations and online, with 9/10 having tried them, but less than 1/10 said those brands worked to clear their acne. 

Face Reality takes a different approach. The brand partnered with thousands of highly trained estheticians across the country to provide a fully customized approach to each client, including facial treatments, home care routines, and advice on overall health and nutrition. A staggering 9/10 clients showed significant positive progress within four months.

Visit to learn more, and use their easy Acne Expert Locator to connect with a Face Reality esthetician near you.

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