Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends

The tea on achieving runway-worthy looks at home

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

November 15, 2021

Runway and red carpet season are in full swing. Celebrity Makeup Artist and Brand Ambassador for LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops, Vincent Oquendo, and Lifestyle Editor Joann Butler spilled the tea on their secrets for achieving runway-worthy looks at home.

This season the runways and red carpets have been taken over by full-on glam and all things retro. Psychedelic motifs, including bright colors, are everywhere this season. From playful prints to neon pigments to sparkly eyes, the hottest looks are all about using a kaleidoscope of colors!

But you know what doesn’t go with all of these bold looks? Red eyes! That’s why Oquendo keeps LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops in my kit. These amazing drops work in just 1 minute to reduce redness to help your eyes look whiter and brighter. It's an important step to help your eyes shine with something like a bold neon lid, as bright colors can make your eyes appear dull. Your eyes can look more vibrant for up to 8 hours! The best part – you can find the drops in the eye care aisle at retailers nationwide.

When it comes to fashion, emerging trends from fashion week included daring cutouts and sustainable materials. Sustainability is getting easier to achieve at home with thrifting apps and websites and fashion brands doing their part to ensure fabrics are sustainable or upcycled. But some of Butler’s favorite looks emphasized the groovy retro prints of the ’60s and ’70s featuring mushroom motifs and designed with all of the colors of the rainbow. It’s definitely a departure from what we’ve seen the past two years, where fashion looked more utilitarian.

And speaking of bright colors, two-toned hair was sweeping the runway. It feels like that would be so easy to achieve at home with a semi-permanent color. For a quick makeover at home that’s not permanent, you could even use a spray color that washes out when you’re ready.

Another easy DIY beauty trend is over-the-top bedazzled nails. With the new types of press on nails, this would be such an easy look to achieve at home with relatively no hassle.

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