Fighting Teen Acne

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By: Jennifer Archer

Simple steps to great skin

For teens, getting rid of embarrassing acne can be just as overwhelming as finding a date for the homecoming dance or winning the big game! We caught up with Beauty Editor, Jennifer Goldstein for some advice...

'Acne is a huge issue for teens, and a confidence wrecker, especially this time of year when they're back to school, preparing for homecoming."

But Goldstein says, overcoming acne isn't as hard as you may think,

'take good care of your skin everyday. That means keeping your skin clean with a gentle cleanser and exfoliating scrub. Also, look for products that have salicylic acid to both treat and prevent acne.'

We found Neutrogena's new oil-free acne line, with a refreshing blast of pink grapefruit! It makes keeping up with skincare regimes, easier!

It also has microclear technology that quickly penetrates the pores to gently treat and help prevent future breakouts on your face and body.

Goldstein says,

you should treat your body the same as you would your face. Also important is sticking to a good skin care routine, consistency is key with anti-acne treatments.

So follow these simple steps and rest assure, you'll soon feel comfortable in your own skin!

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