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By: Lynn Thompson

Baby Boomer Trends have a Silver Lining

While a razor and toothbrush may have done the trick for previous generations, this boomer generation is looking for more and now there are more choices than ever says Boomer Expert, Michael Kimmel...

"55 is the new 35. Men are different than their parents were ...they're in the workforce longer, they're out there dating, and they're more physically active and with that comes trying to stay relevant and look the part...they want to look as good as they feel."

Latest boomer wave? Celebrity grooming expert, Losi says, gray hair treatment, with a twist...

"Well we all know gray hair can make us look less than our best, but you do have choices. If you don't have much gray, you may want to get rid of all your gray. It won't be a big change at this stage of the graying process. If you have more than just a little gray, the latest look is salt and pepper. Look at celebs like George Clooney, boomer men are letting their grays come out, not covering it completely, so you look like yourself, only better."

Losi says getting a sexy salt and pepper look is as simple as combing your hair!

"Just pick up an at-home color treatment, such as Touch of Gray by Just for Men(R)...its at the's a no mix formula--you just comb it in and leave it in your hair for five minutes and then shampoo it out. It works gradually and lets you control the amount of gray you want you to keep."

Other age breakers? Good skincare regimens, exercise, eating right...and a whole lot of attitude!

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