How to Lash: Celebrity Makeup Artist Ash K Holm's Secret to Salon Quality Lash Extensions at Home

Here's how to get beautiful, long DIY lashes in four easy steps 

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

May 16, 2024

A statement-making eye look starts with gorgeous lashes. Celebrity makeup artist, Ash K Holm stopped by the LifeMinute studios to share her secret, Falscara, the easiest and best way to create a stunning lash look on your own such as the trending lashy cat eye and lifted baby doll look.

Falscara is a salon quality lash extension kit that you can do from home in just four easy steps. Ash says the kits are a go-to for her clients when it comes to creating custom lash extension looks for any occasion. Falscara is an innovative, affordable, and non-damaging DIY alternative to salon lash extensions. What's so unique is their under-lash application which creates a seamless natural look. The application is fast, easy and the wisps feel comfortable and weightless on the eyes.

Here’s how they work, first, gently place the wisps underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline. Apply wisps starting from the outer corner of the lash line, working inwards. Brush on seal and use applicator or your fingers to squeeze the wisps against natural lashes to secure hold. The lashes look just stunning, so natural and with the overnighter they last up to 10 days.

Falscara has come out with a new style this year, a clear band. This wisp has a thin clear band, making the wisps seamlessly blend into your own lashes. Clear Band Wisp is super comfortable and feathery, perfect for creating the most natural lash extensions look. We love how they come in a variety of styles and lengths, perfect for mixing and matching to create a custom beauty look so you can go for a subtle or more glam look. The possibilities are truly endless.

Get them at Walmart, Target, Ulta, CVS, and Walgreens as well as on And on, you can use a special coupon code “ash20” to get 20% off on all Falscara items.

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