How to Love Your Lashes

Yeah—we’re all looking for voluminous, long lashes. Here are some ways to show them some love and make them strong, beautiful and healthy the all-natural way

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

February 18, 2021

Oil Them Up
Oil is good for your lashes. Coconut and olive oil are rich in fatty acids that promote healthy functioning of follicles to strengthen the lash hair.

Castor oil is 90% ricinoleic acid which may prevent hair loss.

Vitamin E has benefits which can help hair follicle cells regenerate, to make your eyelashes appear thicker, longer and healthier.

Green Tea
The caffeine and flavonoids stimulate lash growth. Brew some tea, wait for it to cool and either dip a cotton swab into the tea and pat lashes or take the cooled tea bag and leave it on closed eye lids.

Aloe Vera
Before bed apply some aloe vera to lashes to help them grow. The gel of the plant is 96% water and has antibacterial and anti-viral properties to help repair and nourish lashes.

Comb it Out
Buy a tiny lash comb. Brushing out lashes before applying mascara can not only help them look longer, but actually helps them grow as well.

Eye Massage
Rubbing your eyelid and eyebrow area can stimulate the hair follicles to promote growth.

Give Lashes a Break
Wearing makeup, fake lashes and overly washing your face can be hard on your lashes and even rip the hair out. Make sure to give them a rest every few days.

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