Keke Palmer on Beauty, New Projects and More

The actress also shares about her new partnership with Olay Body

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January 30, 2020

Actress and singer Keke Palmer is the new face of Olay Body’s latest Premium Collection and we caught up with her in New York City this week during her Allure magazine podcast recording where she was talking all things beauty science and more to more than 130 influencers and editors.

“This line is really geared towards making sure that your skin not only is refreshed when you actually wash with it but also after as time goes on,” says the actress, “For me getting up in the morning is always like a hassle like there's so many different things I have to do whether it's from working out, hurrying up to shower and getting out the house so taking out the time that I have to do to moisturize my skin is really important.”

The brand says it’s their latest in skin science with premium body washes, rinse off body conditioner and Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, that guarantees skin transformation in just 14 days.

Celebrity Dermatologist, Sheila Farhang, says Olay is really on the front line for customers by including some of the most coveted skin ingredients in their products, “Now we have some special like super ingredients in there that we have typically just used for the face which is vitamin C which is brightening, collagen really hot topic right now which is firming and hyaluronic acid which…retains water so in my opinion better skin starts with Olay Body.”

“To be honest I thought that dry skin was something that you like either had to deal with all your life or not you know you either had dry skin or you didn't,” Keke admits, “but then I realized that the body wash you use it's a really big part of why your skin would be dried out.”

Some of Keke's other beauty secrets? “For me I just try every day to do my very best,” she says, “Whether it's making sure that I wash my face at night and take off that makeup or use products that make me feel good and empowered and know that they're actually taking care of me, the food that I put inside. All that stuff to me is what goes… goes into you feeling secure physically and mentally.”

What else is Keke up to? “Everybody you know can see me GMA3, every day Monday through Friday and then more music coming out this year and then more film and television different things that I'm developing,” says the star.

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