Mother's Day Gift of Youth

Mother-Daughter derm duo shares secrets to keep Mom looking and feeling young and fresh

From the LifeMinute team
This Mother's Day, it's important for Mom to take some time to make herself feel and look good. Miami dermatologist Dr. Flor A. Mayoral, and her daughter Dr. Janelle Vega, share the latest anti-aging procedures to give Mom a beauty pick-me-up.
"There are wonderful things you can do for your skin at this time of year. It's important to always look young and keep yourself looking good," says Dr. Mayoral. Of course, it's always important to wear sunscreen, but there are a few additional things we can do to turn back the hands of time.
Dr. Vega says if you're a young mom who may have just lost some baby weight, and you feel and look more tired, RADIESSE is a great dermal filler to try. The doctor explains, "It helps to stimulate your own collagen and really revolumnize and plump the areas in need, especially around the nose and the mouth."
"Eventually we all lose volume in our face, and that is something we can predict, and we know the areas that you're going to lose it," adds Dr. Vega, "So what's really great is you can revoluminze these areas and correct these kinds of changes of aging."
If you're a mom that has frown lines, XEOMIN can help. "It is a purified neurotoxin that makes you look smooth and silky and happy, even if you're not," says Dr. Mayoral.
For older moms, with those etched in lines around the lips, the best thing to use is Belotero. According to Dr. Mayoral, "Belotero will go into every crevice and smooth out the skin and make it look absolutely perfect," she says.
Dr. Vega has been seeing a trend towards younger and younger patients starting to do these treatments. "When you start doing treatments with neurotoxins, it kind of helps to prevent those lines from forming, even when you start seeing little tiny changes here and there," she says.
And when it comes to using fillers, Dr. Mayoral says it's like wearing makeup. "If you put on mascara it only does one thing; if you put on lipstick it does another thing. In a makeup palette, you have to use different ingredients to be able to look your best," she says.
Consult your local dermatologist to see what product or combination of products is best for you, and find more information at
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