New Skin Science for Healthier, More Beautiful Skin

Learn how to optimize the skin biome to combat anti-aging issues

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

February 23, 2023

What’s new and cutting-edge in anti-aging skincare? We’re uncovering the secret powers and breakthrough technologies with two of the biggest experts in the field, Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day and Dr. Thomas Hitchcock, Chief Science Officer for Crown Laboratories.

Your skin is alive and teeming with tiny microorganisms, just like in your gut. After a decade of research, Crown Laboratories has an exciting innovation using a first-of-its-kind living technology found in a new topical line called Biojuve. The live microbes in the line are called Xycrobes.

It’s designed and proven to optimize the skin biome and combat the unwanted signs of skin aging in a more complete and lasting way than traditional skincare because it uses the existing skin ecosystem to our advantage. When used as a daily regimen, clinical studies showed significant improvements in texture, tone, fine lines, wrinkles and photodamage.

The scientific literature now shows that the skin’s biome is a key contributor to promoting balanced, healthy, younger-looking skin. Dr. Hitchcock and his team set out to create a line of products that fully supports establishing and maintaining a healthy skin biome.

The Xycrobes in Biojuve optimize the ecosystem of the skin using the power of a living bacteria derived from a unique strain of native skin microbes to maximize skin health both on and below the surface of the skin. Introducing these living Xycrobes to the existing skin ecosystem, helps to curate the right strains of microbes, leading to visible improvements in clarity, tone and discoloration. The formula also contains other key ingredients that provide the right environment to help those protective microbes thrive so that they can better help fight off things like oxidative stressors and pathogens.

Most skincare products are commonly formulated using ingredients that address various skin concerns, however, there is minimal consideration for how those formulations impact the skin's naturally balanced biome, including the microbiome as a whole. Biojuve is the first line of skin biome care products which encompasses a full regimen, everything from cleansing to sun protection, all designed to work together to maintain a healthy skin biome and promote the effectiveness of the Xycrobe Technology that is in the formulas.

Visit to learn more including how to find a dermatology provider near you that carries Biojuve products.

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