Sephora's New Tech-Savvy San Fran Location

The Powell street store in San Francisco is the first location to showcase exclusive new technology built around personalized and hands on learning.

From the LifeMinute Team

November 19, 2015

Beauty vlogger Nuy Cho takes us through the first Sephora location to showcase exclusive new technology built around the client experience. Everything is rooted in personalized and hands on learning.

Nuy says to start at their new beauty workshop to learn and discover new beauty trends and tips. It's great to explore a new application technique at your own pace because each station is equipped with its own customized product, and an ipad loaded with tutorials and videos on the latest trends.

You can even upload your beauty selfie to your own account or to Sephora's beauty board community right from your seat where you see yourself on the big screen instantly!

There's also the exclusive new Fragrance IQ Instascent technology which is great to help you find a new scent for the holidays. Just take a self-guided assessment and Instascent allows you to explore over 18 scent families with a unique delivery system. The fragrance actually comes out of the machine, it's amazing! And when you find the one you like you can then explore specific fragrance recommendations in that scent family and get your bottle engraved, complimentary to your purchase!

Another one of their genius services is Color IQ which scans your skin and reveals lip, foundation and concealer matches just for you! Or indulge in a one-on-one beauty service at the Beauty Studio or get a mini facial at the Skincare Studio.

The best part is that Sephora's experts are always on hand to help you find the perfect products and show you how to use every one.

So if you can't make it to Powell street, check out any local sephora store for more info on their classes and services coming to you!


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