Winter Skin Pick-Me-Ups

What you can do to get smoother, brighter and dewier skin after just one day

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

February 26, 2020

Looking for a mid-winter skin pick-me-up? Here’s the scoop on the latest and greatest to renew and perk up dull skin — quickly, easily and affordably. We’re taking smoother, brighter and dewier skin after just one day. 

Have a strong beauty regimen incorporating a serum
It’s all about using the right products for your skin! This time of year, especially, unpredictable and harsh weather conditions can contribute to the state of our skin. Olay recently launched their liquid serums line to tackle wrinkle correction, toning and hydration. Pick one to address your personal skincare concern… 

Olay Tone Perfection

Olay Tone Perfection Serum- Start your morning with this serum to brighten dull skin and improve uneven complexion. 

Olay Wrinkle Correction

Olay Wrinkle Correction Serum- This serum can be used in the morning, throughout the day, or at night! You can finally ditch the fillers and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles. 

Olay Deep Hydration Serum

Olay Deep Hydration Serum – Use this as the last step of your skincare regimen for the day, at night. It’s like a cool drink of water for dry skin. Your skin will still be dewy in the morning thanks to its long-lasting hydration.

Find them at major retailers or on for under $30!

Hydrate from the inside out
Drinking 64 oz of water a day is ideal and an important part of our skin’s health.  

Get your beauty sleep
Be sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep to avoid natural causes of your skin looking tired and dull.

Never forget sunscreen, even in the winter months
Many think that even though it’s winter, you don’t need sunscreen - wrong! You should be incorporating sunscreen into your beauty regimen.

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