Actress Gillian Jacobs’ Skin Secrets Will Make You Want To Change Your Routine

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Gillian Jacobs
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By the LifeMinute Team

April 18, 2017

The Community actress spills on her secrets to skin success.

Undereye Bags Be Gone!

“A tip about me is I really enjoy this line called Le Mieux. It has a lot of great under eye pads which is great because I get swollen dark circles underneath my eyes and these have helped me a lot with that.”

Go Natural

“I just try to take all my makeup of which I used to be very lazy about. Sometimes I use olive oil to remove my makeup. Olive oil and coconut oil I find to be amazing. They are a lot less harsh than a lot of makeup wipes. Sometimes I feel l like my face is kind of stinging and dry from makeup wipes but if I use the natural products I don’t get that feeling.”

Real Girl Diet Tips

“I really like sweets, I like cookies and chocolate and I know that’s probably not good. But then I try to balance it out—life is too short to not eat the things you like. But  we should all do ourselves a favor and eat some dark leafy greens.”