Basketball Player Max Strus Kicks Off New Season with Positive Outlook and Upgraded Vision

The pro athlete teams up with STAAR Surgical to inspire athletes of all levels and others to take a shot at visual freedom

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October 12, 2022

Pro basketball player Max Strus is seeing the world in a new way since teaming up with STAAR Surgical to conquer the vision problems he has struggled with since the 5th grade. It’s been a life-changing experience, Strus said. The procedure was quick and easy, and he saw 20/10, which is better than 20/20 the next day.  “I play basketball, and a lot of times, my contact would get knocked out, or it would bother me," he said. "It affected my play, so to be able to have this and not have to worry about putting anything in your eye on a day-to-day basis has been a huge help to my daily life.”

The FDA-approved EVO Visian ICL lenses are approved to correct myopia, which affects distance vision, and astigmatism, which causes blurred vision at all distances. Myopia and astigmatism affect millions of Americans. The EVO small, flexible lens is implanted, in harmony, with the natural eye to give excellent sharp vision day and night without inducing dry eye syndrome. The lens is different from other vision correction options in that it can permanently correct/reduce myopia and astigmatism without removing corneal tissue. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes for each eye. For peace of mind, a doctor can remove them if desired. Most patients like Strus experience improved vision right afterward. 

“Along with my sharp, clear vision, another great benefit of EVO was that it does not cause dry eye syndrome," said Strus. He added, "it also helps with my seasonal allergies." 

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What else does this superstar have going on? “I have a big season coming up," said Strus. "Our team is looking forward to this next year. With my new eyes, I could not be more excited to be on the court and test them out, hopefully, help my game and take it to the next level.”

And how does Strus take it to the next level on and off the court? “I live by a motto instilled with me through my parents. Good things happen to good people who work hard," he said. "I have kind of just always lived by that, and keep my head down and be a good person, treat people with respect, and work as hard as you can, and good things are going to happen to you.”

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