Celeb's Kids Following in Their Famous Parent's Footsteps

The talented offspring of Meryl Streep, Ethan Hawke, Denzel Washington, Snoop Dogg, Sylvester Stallone, Christie Brinkley and more...

By the LifeMinute Team

August 30, 2018

Their parents may be mega stars, but these celeb's successors are stepping into the spotlight all on their own and making their famous moms and dads proud.

Oscar-winner Meryl Streep says her daughter's acting skills, are "fierce and fearless." The mini-Meryl (Mamie Gummer) will join True Detective season 3 next year.

Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter, Maya Hawke, starred in the latest adaptation of Little Women, and joins Stranger Things next season. She also landed a role in Quentin Tarantino's next film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Another formidable force -- Denzel's Washington's son, John David, first found fame playing football with the NFL until an injury led him to stumble into his father's footsteps. He scored a role on Ballers and the lead in BlacKkKlansman.

Tinseltown isn't the only territory these Hollywood offspring are taking over. Sly Stallone's eldest daughter Sistine is busting onto the modeling scene as well as Snoop Dog's son Cordell Broadus, and of course there's Cindy Crawford's doppelganger kids, Kaia and Presley Gerber. Christie Brinkley's daughter Sailor is also following mom's modeling lead.

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