Celebs Who Have a Twin

The stars you didn’t know share a sibling with the same birthday

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

December 18, 2020

You know these famous celebrities, but did you know they have a twin? To celebrate National Twin Day check out the identical and fraternal counterparts to these well-known stars.


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Scarlett Johansson and Hunter Johansson


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Ashton Kutcher and Michael Kutcher


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Gisele Bündchen and Patrícia Bündchen


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Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent


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Laverne Cox and M. Lamar

Rami Malek and Sami Malek


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Peyton List and Spencer List

Kiefer Sutherland and Rachel Sutherland


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Alanis Morissette and Wade Morissette


A post shared by Jon Heder (@hederjon)

Jon Heder and Daniel Heder

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