Ellen DeGeneres Tells Kevin Hart To Host the Oscars Again

Back in December, Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the Oscars after homophobic tweets he made in 2009-2011 had surfaced. Now Ellen DeGeneres is making pleas for him to reclaim the gig as seen in recently released clips of an interview with the comedian.

In her one on one chat with Hart, on Thursday, DeGeneres told him she had personally called on the Academy to ask what they thought of having him back as the host and revealed the Academy’s response was a resounding yes.

Hart did not confirm whether or not he would pursue hosting again, but did say he felt personally attacked that people had gone through his 40,000+ tweets from the last decade to find something to destroy him.

The interview as a whole did not sit well with people, especially those in the LGBT community, who believe DeGeneres, a lesbian woman herself, is downplaying Hart’s hateful words. The talk show host has yet to respond.

We will see what happens when the 91st Academy Awards airs on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

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