International Women's Day: Celebs Words of Wisdom

Inspiring advice from Katie Holmes, Brittany Snow, Vanessa Williams, Debra Messing, Emily Ratajkowski, Naomi Campbell and Michelle Williams


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


March 8, 2019


It’s International Women’s Day! In honor of the annual celebration, we compiled some of our favorite inspirational words of wisdom from some of our favorite women. 


I think women are very strong and I gravitate towards seeing strong female characters and playing them and I think my female friends do as well.” – Katie Holmes


“I think a secret for success is to be true to who you are and stand up for who you are.”- Brittany Snow


“Trust your gut and follow your heart.”- Vanessa Williams


“If I had to give my younger self some advice... always follow your instinct…and be brave.”- Debra Messing


“If you don’t feel good about yourself, no one will feel good about you either.”- Emily Ratajkowski 


“Having the confidence to go out into the world and conquer whatever job or whatever career they’re after.” – Naomi Campbell


“It’s really the message that we all want to hear. That we all know deep down is true, but sometimes it needs a little enforcement…just be yourself.” – Michelle Williams

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