Justin Timberlake Releases New Music, Halle Berry Film Dropped by Netflix, Jon Stewart Makes The Daily Show Return and More in Today's Top Stories 

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January 25, 2024

Former host Jon Stewart to return to The Daily Show Monday nights
Stewart hosted the show for 16 years before passing the torch to Trevor Noah in 2015. He’ll return to the late night television show beginning on February 12th.

Justin Timberlake drops new single “Selfish” today, ahead of SNL appearance Saturday, January 27th
The single’s a preview of Timberlake’s upcoming album Everything I Thought It Was which doesn’t have a release date.

The Mothership, an upcoming science fiction film starring Halle Berry has been scrapped by Netflix
It’s reported that the majority of filming had already been completed, but work on the film came to a halt during the post production process as it was experiencing major delays and would require reshoots.

Emmy-winning singer/songwriter Melanie dies at 76
The “Brand New Key” singer passed away on Tuesday, as revealed by her publicist. 

In today’s birthday news:
Actress and Author Dinah Manoff turns 68, Singer Alicia Keys turns 43

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