Larry King Gets Toasted

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Larry King's Friars Club testimonial dinner, a black tie event, was held atthe Sheraton New York.

Friends and colleagues of the TV host hit the carpetto show support. Among them, Regis Philbin, Donald Trump, Kathy Griffin,Joan Rivers and Katie Couric, who also served as emcee.

King has certainly made his mark on the industry and managed to impress someheavy hitters along the way.

"Hes able to get you to do things and say things you never thought youdsay," says Donald Trump.

The famous anchor was praised inside, at times it was a bit of a roast. A few jokes were made at King's expense... but with funny gals, Joan Rivers and KathyGriffin, thats to be expected.

"Its gonna be nothing but fun, I mean theres a ton of really importantpeople here...everybody's on the table, all bets are off" said comedian, KathyGriffin.

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