A LifeMinute With Actress Michelle Rodriguez

We asked the 37-year-old actress how she stays looking so hot

From the LifeMinute Team

November 12, 2015

What better setting to talk to an A-list star about her health and beauty tips than front row at NYFW? When we ran into Michelle Rodriguez, one of the stars of Lost and some of the top-grossing action movies on record (heard of the Fast and Furious franchise?) we saw our chance and took it! Below, her beauty and wellness top tips.

Find A Beauty Balance

Rodriguez is a big believer on treating the insides well to keep looking great on the outside. "Beauty starts inside and if you have a horrible diet or you have horrible sleeping habits or you're a smoker or you drink a lot, then you need to balance that out with spa life and other things like that," says the thirty-seven year old native Texan.

Eat Clean

As for her diet? Rodriguez stays on the straight and narrow. "I go for lots of water, lots of vegetables. I try to keep it clean as much as possible."

Avoid Sugar

Enemy number one for the actress is sugar, which even she agrees is a hard habit to break. "It's like crack! It's a killer, man. But it's nasty, it's disgusting. It just sits in your body and accumulates all these nasty yeasts and things." Known to have tried the master cleanse (she turned out to be a non-fan, to say the least, saying it was too restrictive), she sticks to an eco-friendly lifestyle, including outdoor workouts like paddleboarding.

Practice Safe Sun

As for soaking in the sun, the actress isn't overly strict with herself and doesn't shun the sun completely. "I save it for the summer. And then when it's not summertime I'll wait till it's 3pm to come outside," she winks.

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