A LifeMinute with Dennis Quaid

There’s a lot to know about this Renaissance man and Hollywood icon

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

May 11, 2020

There’s no doubt, while channel-surfing, you’ll stumble upon at least 3 or 4 films starring Dennis Quaid, and if you haven’t already fallen in love with this Hollywood icon over the years, you are about to, he’s as down-to-earth and fun-loving as you might hope.

This legend is now adding another layer to his long, and we mean long, list of accomplishments. The eclectic “Renaissance man” actor, producer, director, singer, songwriter has released his first podcast interview series, appropriately titled “The Dennissance,” as the launching pad for his new podcasting platform, Audio Up, which he runs with his partner, Founder Jared Gutstadt. Aiming for listeners to “get to know” his famous guest friends, just a little more personally, this talk-show format podcast dives deep with interesting tidbits you may not have known otherwise.

So far, guests have included Billy Ray Cyrus, Billy Bush, Tanya Tucker and John Carter Cash, Johnny and June’s son.

If that alone doesn’t give you some indication of how “cool” this platform aims to be, maybe this will…scripted series, comedy and reality shows are all coming too.

The hope – that it will become the “YouTube for Podcasters.”

We Zoomed it up with this Hollywood legend last week and found out all about it, plus what else he’s been up to, and even some things you may not have known about HIM.

Check out The Dennissance on all podcast streaming platforms HERE.

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