A LifeMinute with Jesus Trejo

The comedian spreads laughter in these uncertain times

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 17, 2020

Stand-up comedian, Jesus Trejo tells us all about his first hour-long stand-up special Stay at Home Son which debuted on SHOWTIME on May 29th. The title didn’t mean to imply “staying at home” in the quarantine sense, since it taped well before this all happened which makes it all the more relevant. We caught up with Jesus via Zoom last week from Long Beach, CA to hear all about it.

Stay at Home Son is not the first time he has featured his home life in his craft. In a 2018 AARP documentary, Care to Laugh he shared his reality of being a caregiver to his two parents, while pursuing his comedy dreams.

Besides cracking jokes, the comedian also loves to eat. He combined both his passions in Tacos Con Todo, a show exploring California’s taco culture. Look out for the second season on Complex. 

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